thouhgts of Sam
2001-10-30 03:32:17 (UTC)


today we decided that we are going to get into better
shape. Being aum and I, we decided we are going to start
to run instead of just lifting weights. It is good cause
its going to help both of us stop smoking. cause WE REALLY
NEED TO STOP. I dunno today was kinda boring for the most
part it was a "B" day and I hate them I have all my hard
classes and shit and it is so much better on an "A" day
monday. but on the bright side wed. is halloween and I get
home an extra hour early and I dont have to go to work so I
can come and kinda chill till we go to river place. I dont
know if we are going to trick or treat or not but I'm sure
we'll have fun. we always do. It sucks for josh though
cause he cant go and he is going to be at home alot now
since we dont do things till late anyway. But who knows
maybe he'll get done in 3 months instead of 6. I sure hope
so. Who know what the hell is going to happen anymore
cause I sure dont. I used to like change but now is seems
to be happening too much. I'm sad for alex though, shonee
left yesterday. I really didnt get to talk to him much but
I saw how happy he made alex and it makes me sad to see him
leave without getting to know him. I know I would like
him, but I didnt get the chance. I wish he lived here,
cause jason and him are real tight and I feel bad that
jason has no real guy friends here I mean I would love for
him to join our little crew but I dont know if he would
want to I mean I know he could but he is so busy with all
the things he does and we live so far from everyone that he
would have to try to hang with us. Man that really sucks,
cause is really cool. all the weirdness around. Anyway
thats all for now or today whatever you want to call it...