le soleil et la lune
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2001-10-30 03:19:38 (UTC)

what a day

WEll, let me start with this weekend. I took my car to
Dobson afterschool on Saturday to get worked on, so I was
without a car all weekend. CJ was kind enough to take me
home Saturday after work(Amber left me Satuday morning so
my mom had to take me), and his mom suggested that I spend
the night so that she didn't have to worry about him
driving late. So we worked on the paper till 5am, got up
around 8:15, met Amanda for breakfast at 9, and we all
worked from 10-7. Somehow, between Amanda and CJ I got
convinced to come in with them instead of at 2. SO then we
go back to CJ's, and Clary, Patrick, Amy, and Katie come to
work on the paper. Let me just tell you how weird it was
to be chillin' with Clary at CJ's. Whoa. SO I left with
AManda, (and of course I was supposed to come home straight
afterwork, oops) and as soon as I walked in the door my mom
started bitching at me. Well, then she gets off on this
tangent about how I am the most ungrateful child she has
ever met. We got into a huge fight, she hit me a few times
(I have some bruises to prove it)and then she said that
neither Aimee(who defended me) nor I had a mother, and that
I was grounded for a month. Ok, so that's that.

Amanda is now worried about me and wants me to tell the
police that my mother is a child abuser or something.

Poor CJ. He looked like hell when he came and dropped
stuff off for the paper today. I hope whatever is making
him throw up goes away. On the plus side, his being sick
may have been a kinda good thing. He was supposed to be
register training the new guy who is supposed to be the
front end manager. That, and Amber worked today.
I'm pissed, Amber got on my register today(the board said
I would be on 2), and since she was there I had to do runs
and work the selling room. Am I being punished? She had
to train that guy though.

I hope that I still get to go trick-or-treating, b/c me and
CJ are going to look really cute as twins, and the 4 of us
who are supposed to be going are going to make some really
cute pictures.