Squeeb's world
2001-10-30 02:57:37 (UTC)

An Epiphany

K, I got all giddy with excitement today when I realized
something. I've been going over and over in my head trying
to dispell this myth that certain of my friends have that
S is a jerk. I know in my heart he's not. But you know, I
hadn't heard from him in almost 2 years and I thought "Ok,
what if they were right". Like maybe he only thought of me
as a fan, not a friend. But then, whenever he signs things
for me, he always just signs "Scott", not his full name,
which would mean a more informal relationship right? Which
pleases me. So then when I found out he had MSN messenger I
was all like "Should I even?" And so I did and you know, he
could have very well just ignored the whole email message
and pretended that he never got it or whatever, but no. He
added me as a friend which means that he considers me a
friend and actually wants to talk to me. Maybe... oops, I
lost my train of thought... Oh yeah! Maybe he actually
missed me too! Wouldn't that be cool? That somewhere deep in
that dense head of his, he actually missed Silly Lil Me?
Oh! And I finally got my "On The Line" Soundtrack and
it's wonderful. Joey soooo has the second best voice in
N'SYNC. I have always thought this but this cd has
re-affirmed it. He sings a solo, all by his lonesome- "Ready
To Fall" and it's gorgeous- much better than the Merideth
Edwards version. And Chris is quite the songwriter. He wrote
this slow song "Falling" for N'SYNC and it is possibly one
of THE most gorgeous songs I have ever heard. And they sang
it at the concert. OOOOH. Swoon!

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