Dirty Fractyl
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2001-10-30 02:04:31 (UTC)

I cannot even exist on my own

The dependancy. It is something I am supposed to work on.
But I get the sense I am not doing a very good job when I
can't even go for sustained periods without talking to my
sweetie. It is like I feel this pull on my heart,
reminding me that I need to talk to her. I remember the
time before I met her, when I could be content to be with
myself, but now it is just like I need to talk to her
periodically or I go crazy. Is that normal? Sane? OK?
Or am I really losing my mind? It worries me. To become
self sufficient I have to be able to manage myself without
talking to her every hour. But love, it doth work madness
on the brain. There's little question it can drive a man
insane. I just hope I am not.

I love her so much. But this probably isn't okay, and I
seriously doubt that she is affected the same way.

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