2001-10-30 01:45:42 (UTC)

another entry... it always smells different here... it's hard when people can't be as happy as you...

-=-It's really odd, quite frankly. Yesterday my house
smelled of cinnamon, today, of macaroni and cheese.
Strange, if I do say so myself.-=-

-=-Bitter cold outsite, not really sure how it went from
around 70 degrees to 30, but weather does have it's

-=-Jilly, my best friend, broke up with Jarod again. I
don't understand... they always SEEM so happy. Why does she
randomly start to like other people? Am I just different?
Why is it that I can make a commitment, but the people who
want one most (not implying that I DON'T want one) can
never manage to have one? Oh well, I did yell at her. I

She responded with something like this new guy she's
beginning to be interested in just seemed really nice. Or
something... who knows. But she is my best friend, so no
trashing her there. She's had a rough time with Jarod, and
I shouldn't make it any harder. I think she did the right
thing... told him straight out that she did like another
guy. Smart move. ::applauds:: Well hopefully everything
will turn out okay.-=-

-=-Tim and I are happy. He's so wonderful ::sighs with
romance:: I can't wait until Halloween so we can hang out
together. I love spending time with him, I love him! So
that functions well.-=-

-=-Oh dub, 62 on the math quiz. Mom wasn't too happy about
that ::makes EEK face:: Oh well- will do better next

That's all for now, will write more later! More poems to