to. Knight

The soul of a man
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2001-10-30 01:30:27 (UTC)

Nothing has changed

Today was a normal day...last night however was

This girl came over she wanted to was clothes as usual, but
she doesn't want to admit that she only wants to be friends
with me. So i play along with her game. how do i know?

1. no affection towards me
2. no respect for my house
3. I've seen her with this other guy on four separate
occasions(library, library, student union, student union,
and infront of her dorm)
4. action speak louder than words

but anyway, she mad at me, and i'm mad at her, but I am not
even thinking about her. basicaly she's mad because I
wouldn't give her a ride home (she was dropped off at my
home). I refuse to used too much. but anyway, the other
girl i'm talking about.

I thought about her all weekend. we didn't talk cause she
was out of town. talked to her today, and she was doing the
same. she isn't in love with me or anytihng, but we have a
good time together and stuff. I'd give up the game for fact i think i'm going to tell her that i'm
serious about her.

I wrote a mean letter to the other chick today...i refuse
to call her. I hate people who lie, I hate people who use
other people or even their friends. This is the main reason
why i hate givign money to beggars...In stead i'll offer to
buy them a sandwhich.

other thing happended today, setup for these interviews i
need to do for this project, and getting ready for this
interview for the documentary.

holla at me later