empty shadow

this is me get over it
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2001-10-30 00:56:47 (UTC)


I'm listening to Staind "fade". It is my favorite song
right now. It changes every week.

Well, it seems that everyone is falling apart. Even David
is cutting. I always used him as my upper and now he's
farther gone than me. I haven't hurt myself for about a
month and a half. But I'm getting the urge to again. I am
stronger than any fucking urge. Yeah right.

Alec is avoiding me or something. He hardly said anything
in reply to my email, although it was a fucked up email,
kind of like my last post. And at the Lock-in, he kept
walking away when I went over to talk to him. Well,
whatever. Screw him.

life goes on some how even if you don't...lalala

i wonder if anyone would notice if I was gone... hmm

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