Morbid Angel

2001-10-30 00:30:21 (UTC)

Just because I rock doesn't mean I am made out of stone!

Work sucked ass today, especially since that ass clown who
looks like Dilbert started working there. I don't need
some roley poley looking dude in my office staring down my
shirt all frikkin day. Pervert. He thinks that Sytx is
the best band alive, does that say much? he told me that's
he's SOOOOOO into rock music and would love to come see my
boyfriend play at the Hard Rock next month. So I try to be
nice and "converse" with the fatty, and ask him if he saw
Pantera when they were here and looked at me with a blank
face!!!! I wanted to bitch slap that gypsy. How dare he
denounce the almighty Dimebag and Vinnie Paul. Argh, get's
me so worked up!

Oh well, I "withdrew" from College Algebra, so that's a
great weight off of my shoulders for this semester, now I
got 15 hours left until I graduate, but oh well! I need a
break. *yawn* Plus, it doesn't matter, I was gunna take a
semester off before I transferred anyway, so I will just
take it a month later, big whoop. Well I must be going,
govt. and accounting homework to do. then get up, go to
work at 8, leave straight from there at 5 and make a long
haul to chris's house, get there about 5:45 and RE FRIGGIN
LAX (i.e. great sex) ahhhhhh Toot-a-loo

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