Tainted Perception
2001-10-30 00:19:21 (UTC)

Man Vs. Machine?

Today really sucked. I woke up when I was supposed to, in
order to get ready for school, yet fell back to sleep
because I was still tired from saturday night, waking up a
whole hour later... meaning I had to rush everything. I
felt like shit, and I had select first period, which meant
I had to sing when I couldn't even talk without coughing...
I picked up Sarah for school, about ten minutes late, and
we made it to the building two minutes before the bell
I totally sucked at singing, and couldn't stop coughing as
we dragged on through this kwanzaa song.. I wanted to go
home and go to sleep.. But... no... instead I had to go to
trig, then physics where I received a quiz that was marked
with a big "0" and then to history where I was to take the
test I knew I had but was to tired to study for. And as bad
as I felt this morning... I felt even worse. It's just been
that kind of a day.
I brought sarah home, and on the way we stopped at my old
car to take my cd's out, and pick up all other things of
importance. Her fruit flies shirt was in my passenger
seat, still blotched with Geoff's blood. There was a big in
the backseat with money, and I assumed it was sarah, seeing
as how she's the only one with enough money to just toss it
in the back of my car and not care that we might not come
back to it for a long time.. or possibly never... and that
maybe all that money in the bag would go to the dump along
with the car and the bloodied fruit flies shirt.
After that we went to her house and did a whole lotta
nothing. She began giving my lessons on how to be more
upfront with someone I really like, but it doesn't really
matter, because there is now way in hell I'm ever going to
aquire the nerve it takes to be straight foward.
After that I went home. Then when I went home.. I was
craving egg nog... so i went out again and bought some. It
was the strangest thing. Stop and shop had been transformed
in to this little machine like cooperation. When I went to
check out, instead of having a person at the register...
there was this intricate machine that made me scan my own
egg nog, and submit my money in to it like a vending
machine. Machines are slowly starting to take over the
world. Pretty soon, there will be nothing for people to do
but eat... sleep... and get fat.
But what value of importance would that degraid us to?
Really low. I mean... I want to be an importan piece to
something.... or an important person to someone...