Borrowed Light
2001-10-30 00:18:54 (UTC)

Happiness In a Hotmail Inbox

I got an email from corey this morning that made me feel a
bit better. he is such a good guy, i just want to thank him
but i dont know the words to say it right. you can say
thanks to someone for passing the butter at the dinner
table, it doesnt seem right to use the same word when so
much more gratitude is felt.

hmmm well im home again today, i couldnt be bothered going to school,
i slept in till 9:30 in fact. well i guess i'll see beck and all that
at small group tomorrow night but i dont think ill say anything. ill
still be nice just icily nice, no emotion, know what i
mean? i will say hi and answer questions and all that but i
wont make too much effort. she will just go on like its all
normal and why should i put up with that. i might have a
chat with todd wednesday, not about all this or anything,
just a general chat. he's sposed to be driving me home so
that'll be cool.

well not much to say really, still feel pretty low and
still need a hug. corey agree's with me about how everyone
are hypocrites which is good, we are both going to be real
on friday night. really real. wonder how well that'll go
down. last time i quit being sweet and nice everyone turned
on me, but i cant be screwed pretending anymore, although
its probably easier said than done. well i cant wait to see
someone that is hugworthy, preferably corey.

talk to you later

--Life's a b*tch; now so am I.--batman