even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-10-30 00:11:07 (UTC)


so, today, this weekend... i really need to write everday,
or else ic an;t keepyup, i didn;t write at school today,
although i would have liked to, i was abotu to write baout
how much i hate the kkk, cause, i fucking hate the kkk,
and not even the kkk so much a neo nazis, one time my mom
tried to tell em they were the same thing, and i got really
mad at her, cause of course hey aren;t the same thing...
goddamn.. today wa sok.. last night we were all at kellys,
and joselin and i went to eat lunch with my mom, and we sat
in the car in front of home depot, and listened to incubus
and talked... id on;t knwo, joselin seems to get along with
my mom, but no one else does... whatver though.. i dont;
really feel like wrting... im tlkaing to josh, he got
his ... court shit taken ccare of, hes got these mad
curfrews, but other than that, its pretty by the book,
classes, meetings, and hours, poor josh.. i fel bad .. poor
all of us, i feel bad that we feel bad... egads.... but
esp. poor josh, cause he so good, and its liek, why would
he be the one toget caught? and he takes it to heart, and
no one else would, and it sucks, cause hes josh... those
lawson boys... they are so nice, i hope that they stay that
way and they dont; get discouraged and hardened and bitter
and mean and ick cause they are so nice, and they let
things and people get to them... it really makes me sad...
like, now im all subdued-ish and sad like...and they'll say
things like, im too mice why ios it that all the good
chicks go for assholes, maybe i should be an asshole, but
itslike, no! all the chicks that go for assholes aren't
chicks you want... my poor poor everyone..
joselin is having these weird stomach pains cause of stress
and kelly is.. kellyish...alex today was upset, but it hink
it was because hsonees gone, it was really great meeting
him, and they love eachother so much, its so cute... hes
ognna move down here soon, and it hink that will be really
good for both of them... dinner itme...