Mohawk Grrls Life
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2001-10-29 23:35:38 (UTC)

Insanity & Trendy things

Try all you can
Try all you might
What you do is pretend
Don't even put up a fight.

Tight jeans & trendy "plaid" things
Walking with your nose stuck up
Wiggle your ass a little more
Waddle when you walk

This is in style & that is out
Who the fuck cares?
All of you are the same
Be careful who you talk about

I can feel your dreams
All full of insanity
Just like everyone else
Tip your head back & scream

"Goddess" stickers on your car
And loud bass makes you cool
Speed out of parking lots
Honk the horn if you're a fool

Pimping boys and slutty girls
Drunken fucks and pot heads rule
No intelligent life on earth...
What is this world coming to?

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