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2001-10-29 23:28:48 (UTC)

Mondays are no bra days.......

I hate Mondays, but the only way to perk myself up is to
not wear a bra... :) My weekend was ok, I had a fight with
my best friend Mollie, but we made up and all is going to
be ok. My boyfriend's friend came into town, and he never
came over this weekend. Our plans were never definite, but
he didn't even say to me that we were not going to be
spending the weekend together, so naturally I was annoyed. I just
feel like I never know what is going on.... so I will try
calling him tomorrow night. I want to see him this weekend.
But knowing my boyfriend, probably not. I have to do this
paper it is a few days late now.. oh well, what the fuck. I
don't care. I can't worry myself with that. I am going to
go do that now. But at least I am not wearing a bra. And
that makes me a happy Meg. :)