The Sexy Blonde
2001-10-29 23:22:36 (UTC)

Nervous break down.

I am having so many problems.

Well guess what, I am doing terrible.
Here I will list them.

School: Algebra, not getting work done on time, lost my
best friend last wednesday, BCIS is getting harder
(computer), plus my disc got stolen, then theres this boy
who thinks he loves me and I can't stand him he needs to
leave me alone, plus I'm going to start going to tutoring
int he mornings and after school everyday until i can make
up all assignments that I have missed in algebra, I am not
doing to good in Spanish, everything is falling apart.

Home: My brother moved in yesterday, he kidn of took
mom away and he got all the attention, his stuff is all
over the floor, and he brought a cat, I am allergic to
cats. he got in my face to make me smile, i did but he got
a little rude and I had a bad day today so I started crying.

boyfriend: his sister's husband hit her, so she is going
to divorce him, and they have a 1 year 10 month old baby
boy, and his mom and sister want to move to Mexico, which
leaves no women in the house to cook for my bf and his dad
and his brother who is just 16. I am scared, I don't want
my bf to go to Mexico. I just dont want that, he sadi he
would never leave me, he said me and his dad's shop are the
only thing that are keeping him here.

Vanessa: is my best friend in the whole world , and she
moved and got enrolled out of school last wednesday and I
cried, i have nobody to eat lunch with or hang out in the
big court yard, with the lake.

friends: I hate everyone in my neighborhood now.

relatives: i sent some thank you notes for the cards they
sent me for my birthday last monday

my car: i am getting impatient for my boyfriend to fix
it and give it to me so i can stop asking people for rides
and paying others gas money.

God: I know he is there for me but I need him now, and I
need him strong. I wish I were dead but he wants me alive.

I want to go to church so bad. Love Jessica

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