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2001-10-29 22:32:49 (UTC)

What i dont understand about im sorry

One of the things that i dont understnd in this world is
when someone tells us something that happened to them that
we had absolutly no control over we say im sorry! Its
like "my mom yelled at me today"... "oh im sorry". I mean
i understnd that its like a comfort thing to let them know
that we understnd but still appoligyzing for something you
had no control over seems a little odd does it not? Its
mostly a habit for some people but i just dont know why for
most of america it has become a habit to appoligize when
someone tells you something that happened or something that
upset them. Its like all we can think of to say when
someone is crying on our shoulder or angry at someone or
when they've flunked a test is... im sorry! Which isnt
nessisaraly a bad thing cuz you really are sorry when you
say it i just think there needs to be an alternet way of
saying im sorry. Something else to say... something not
so over used... something unique instead of the common ol'
im sorry. Hmmmmm... some response that will encourage them
to continue with what they are saying.... not a dead
stopper like im sorry. Well heres my next goal then... to
think of a way to respond to a problem with out saying im
sorry... a way to let them know you feel for them with out
saying im sorry! Wish me luck....

P.S. Im not one of those people who hates to appolygize
cuz i will when its needed but in problem situations where
it is just a phrase to say when there is nothing else to
say then it becomes useless and i guess in a way that
bothers me :) I'll figure this out tho....!

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