What's on my mind
2001-10-29 22:12:16 (UTC)

What a day

I can't believe how my boss screwed me today. All last
week we have been discussing with the IT shop about them
setting up a classroom with 25 laptops. I had about 15 so
they needed to supply 10 more and they were supposed to be
in charge of setting up the classes and taking them down
each day. Well that got all screwed up today because the
person who scheduled the class didn't tell anyone of us
that the class started today at 9:ooam. And since the IT
group is based in another building I am getting the page
and the call to set up the class. I don't get into work
till 9:00am so I am on the way to work when I am getting
paged and called. Well the class got set up and the
situation was brought up in the staff meeting. That is
when I got screwed. My boss since the Manager of the IT
shop didn't want to take on the job of setting up the class
at 8:00am because his people are unreliable and might make
him look bad by not showing up on time said that I would
set up the class in the mornings and they can take down the
class in the evening. Well that is just fine and dandy.
Now I have to get my butt out of bed and do a job that is
not in my job description anymore but because I use to do
that sort of thing and I am reliable I am the one that has
to do it. That is the problem with staying with a company
and climb the ladder. It is hard to shake the past
experiences and impressions. I am not a PC guy anymore I
am a programmer now. I think I should be treated like the
other programmers. I guess I am too nice helping out
everyone in the office because it takes so damb long for
the people who are suppose to do it to get there. Just
venting. Later.