Life Is Peachless
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2001-10-29 22:05:58 (UTC)

life is full of cold days....and today is one of them

i am sooooooo cold it isnt even funny!!!!! i have on 2
gloves...and im typing. the gloves are blue and pink.
meaning one of them is blue--the one on the left hand-- and
the other is pink--the one on the right hand. i have on the
heaviest shoes i could fine. and im abotu to get my moms
jacket. i left mine in school and the other one in the
car ;_; i am about to fall over i am sooo cold. and im
also sick. i have dizzyness and a headache. all my friends
are going crazy cause theres so many sicknesses going
around. one kid in my class has mono and my other friend
might have teberkuloses--TB. now everyones flipping out.
its peachy isnt it???? life is so cold and today is one of
those days. my favorite part of the year is when its not
cold but you still need a jacket. perfect time of year.