Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-29 21:50:45 (UTC)

random thoughts.... okay, it's a bunch of bullshit.

Tina. Damn her. No. Correction. GODdamn her. I'm
sorry. That's a sin to say that. Not like it's stopping
me any, though, because that's how I feel right now.
She wants me to talk alot just so she can laugh at me about
my retainer and how funny I talk because of it.
She likes to make fun of me because I'm smart. (She's
jealous, I think.)
There's a bunch of other things too, but right now I just
don't want to get into them. I'm already pissed enough.
In Math, Paige, her, Lindsey, Anahi, and someone else
(can't remember who... not like I actually LIKED that
person... I would have noticed.) They were trying to
figure out who Matt likes. Paige is like, "Is she popular,
regular, or a dud." Dud. What a nice word for someone
less popular than thy holy royalness. I think she meant
Jill, Amber, and Lacey. Though I could be wrong, and I
could be included. Who knows. At least I have more than
five friends who actually LIKE me. So stick THAT in your
backpack! (Thanks, Beth!)
This is funny:
In class last week, Beth was telling some of us about one
of her sister's friends who was trying to get ahold of her
sister, who was watching tv. (The friend's sister, not
Beth's sister.) Anyway, the friend, after a few tries,
finally goes;
Rachel, you don't HEAR whatthefuck i'm SAYING
in a real retarded voice. (Sorry again, Lord.) If it
doesn't seem funny now, that's fine. You had to be there.

"...fight the break of dawn..."

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