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2001-10-29 21:29:14 (UTC)

Darkness, Trains and Sheep - Sun 28th Oct 2001

She is killing me. This morning it was 4.45am! What
happened to the late night and the partying? What until
she is 18! However, I think that rather than being a
typical parent and waking her up I will make the most of it
and stay in bed too!

So there began a very long day. We had agreed to take G on
the steam train that runs along the coast - it was free and
a nice day out. So off we go.....and she loved it. If she
waved the guards waved back, there were doggies in our
carriage and best of all mummy had packed us a picnic. The
journey only lasted 20 mins but long enough for her. The
scenery was not particularly stunning but it would be like
a winter wonderland if there was snow in all the trees and
on the ground. What I couldn't get over was the big clouds
of steam that floated past the window and the chuffa chuffa
noise from the engine. When we arrived at the station it
still had many of it's original features - including a
ladies waiting room. There were old cases and trolleys
dotted around and it felt like a scene from the railway
children. If we are visiting that town again with other
people I will take them just to soak up the atmosphere -
there's no need to travel on the train - just see it arrive
and pull out of the station.

I think one of the highlights of G's day was when we got
stuck in a country lane, hemmed in by the biggest bunch of
straying sheep you have ever seen. The funniest thing was
seeing how quickly they scooted back to their field when P
shooed them away!!

After a very long, exciting day we were all tucked up, fast
asleep by 8.30pm......

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