Duffy's Love Shack
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2001-10-29 21:27:11 (UTC)

It's my first time....

It’s not what you think.
It’s my first time writing an online diary.
Duffy’s Love Shack is located in the US Virgin Islands, and I’ll
be there in 13 days. I’m calling this by its name because I can
think of nothing else. Duffy’s has been on my mind for the last
couple of months. You see I’m taking a vacation. My sister
has a condo right on the beach in St. Thomas, and she keeps
telling me about a drink called the Shark Tank.

Shark Tank:
“Get tanked on this 64 oz concoction…five rums, three
tropical liqueurs, blue as our Caribbean Sea. The tank is yours!
$15.75. Refill? Fuggeddahboudit!”

See why I can think of nothing else! he..he.
I’ve been on a sort of self-denial binge for the 2 months and
I’m about half out of my mind lately.

Self Denial = No alcohol, no sugar, no fried food, & no cheese.
Exercise: 2 hours a day.

It all comes to somewhat of an end when my first day of
vacation starts, November 9th! I started this self-denial
because I wanted to fit into these cute little surfer shorts that
I wore last year. A couple of months ago I put them on (strike
that, I couldn’t put them on!) and was horrified. I’ve been
working a lot lately and not going to the gym, but I had no
idea I had gained so much weight. Also, at my workplace we
have cupboards full of peanut m&m’s that are free to all. So
those little babies played their own little part in my demise!

Well, that was two months ago and I’ve lost a good deal of
weight since then, enough to fit back into my surfer shorts. But
now I’m on such a weight loss streak that I want to continue
until I can fit into my extremely small pair of jeans that look
fabulous on me (well at least when they fit they did). They fit
tight right now; I want them loose & comfortable. That’s
another month of denial! And who knows what mindset I’ll be
in after returning home from the islands? I’ll keep you posted.

Love from your Martini Girl!