The Chronicles of Ms. Evil
2001-10-29 21:26:39 (UTC)

and the day goes on

I just wrote ken, god do i feel horrible. Why is
everything going to shit for me. AHHHHHHHHH. I am like
stuck under this rain cloud. I want to be happy and I want
to be exctied like i was but i ficking can't because of all
the shit that is going on. like i was wicked excited about
going to pa this weekend but now that my ride has totally
gone down the shitter i am like what the fuck does god liek
hate me and want me to like kill someone or is the whole
world against me be happy for once in my fucking life. I'm
eating like a fucking pig because i'm so stressed and i'm
eating by myself which makes me feel even more guilty
becuaswe i feel as though i 'm doing something wrong which
i'm not. tum ti tum, god do i lead a very boring life, my
life depends on the compan yof others, i can't just be by
myself. I can't do something that requires one person. I
hate it, i can't stand it, i don't like to be alone, in any
situation. anyways, i'm probably boring all ya'll so i'm
going to go until i have something else to say that might
be a little more condtructive than this.

Ms. Evil