my lil secrets
2001-03-16 00:21:54 (UTC)

dear diary, well me an R r..

dear diary, well me an R r fitting now. i finally told him
the whole truth an he wont let anything go. he all of a
sudden acts like his world revolves round me. he never did
that b4. i dunno i am tryin to jus b friends with him bcuz
i am really getten in with B an i think its going to b
good. he os so sweet an cute an nice an funny uh all i
want. he is cummin over tonight an spending the weekend
here. i am so excited. i miss em. im one step closer to
getten my car to which is really good. i dunno what else to
say. my mind is concentrating on B an thats purdy much it
rite now.