Blood and Chocolate
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2001-10-29 21:05:44 (UTC)

heres the Low Down !!

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here! Sorry I didn't write in such a long
time but I was gone in Washington DC for my Aunts wedding !
OK I have so much to share!
Thursday :
We got up super early and drove all the way !!! 12 long
hours in the car ! ICKY ! I hate car rides like that ! So
when we got there it was so nice ! I got to see my Great
Uncle Erve and my Great Aunt Ruthy !! Awww they are the
absolute cutest !!!! I love them so much ! hehe! I also
saw my Aunt Elizabeth ( the one who was getting married )
my soon to be uncle Dan , and my Aunt Debbie and cousins
Courtney (17) and Lacy (21)! Lacy is such an alcoholic!!
OMG !! She got so drunk every night ! thats another story !
But then that night we went out to eat and when we came
back I saw Zac , Kelly and Melanie in the lobby !!!!! Oh my
heart Melanie is so cute ! I ran up and gave Zac the
biggest HUG !!!! I love him so much, along with his wife
Kelly and my neice Melanie (2 yrs. old)! :) !!!! AWWW I
was so glad to see them ! I hadn't seen them in like a
year!!! And then I stayed up till like 2 am talking to
Zac!!!! We laughed and we cried ( literally ), we talked
about so much !!!!! it was awesome ! we talked alot about a
certain topic I can't write about in here, and how he told
Kelly about it and how deeply sorry he was that it had to
happen to me and that he wished I would have told him
sooner then in AUG. He is the only one besides Kelly who
knows about this in my family and they sore they wouldn't
tell anyone ! It was so great to get to talk to him about
it !
We (Zac , kelly, Melanie and I )went and saw the
PENTAGON !!! :( ! *tear* it was so sad ! OMG I was so
overwhelmed (sp?) by it !!! You think you understand what
happend when you watch it on TV but you really don't
understand what truley happend till you see it in person !
Then Zac took Melanie and they went to the Pentagon City
Mall and Kelly and I went to a local hospital thing and yea
thats another story. We met back up with Zac and Melanie
and we went shopping for a bit and then we went back to
Annapolis to the hotel and got ready for the rehersal
dinner !!! OMG it was so yummy !!! I have never had
better Cream of Crab soup or better Steak !!!!!! :) !!!!
YUM ! haha ! then we went back to the hotel changed , Lacy
went out with Matt (Dan's little brother) and they went
clubbing ! haha lacy came back so drunk.Meanwhile kelly and
I went down and sat in the hottube and talked. We discussed
GUYS and my love life. I told her about chris , and adam
(that whole mess with him and Steph ) and she asked me a
really stunning question , and that question made me aware
of something and that is another story and lets just say it
has something to do with guys and the thing Zac and I
talked about. Anyways . .
We went to the Naval Academy where my uncle Dan went for
college. It was awesome !!!! I love Annapolis I am
considering a college somewhere around there just cause I
love the area ! I got a sweatshirt and a shirt at the Naval
Academy !!!!! I love the sweatshirt !!!!! hehe ! then we
went back to the hotel changed and into the wedding stuff
and went and got make-up done and wedding pictures
taken !!! The wedding was absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG ! the Chuappah ( a jewish wedding thing that then stand
under during the ceremony(sp?) . Ita like a canopy, open on
all sides like Abrahams house was, welcoming the new life
they will start together! it was hand made by Dans
Grandmother) was so amazing !!!! It was beautiful omg ! You
probably won't understand some of the stuff I saw cause it
relates to jewish things. ( no I am not jewish my mom's
side is, therefor my Aunt Elizabeth is and Dan is. My aunt
debbie is my moms sister but she is not jewish . Its very
confusing).The dinner was awesome !! YUMMMM Salmon :) ! It
was so good !! OMG ! The dancing was great , the whole
place was so pretty !!!!!! Hava Nagila was so the highlight
of the dancing. No wait I take that back dancing with one
of the friends of Dans, Jake (16), was so much fun !I love
to dance , swing is the best and jake and I were swing
dancing cause no one else was. Jake is cool but he does
alot of shit I don't approve of so yea . but Hava Nagila
was fun too , it was so awesome. Thats why I love my moms
side of the family !!!! The Jewish traditions are so
amazingly beautiful, the hebrew language is so much fun to
listen to and speak and the things they do ( Hava Nagila)
really unite both families and your own ! I didn't go to
bed till like 3am cause Courtney and I went off on the town
and went to the clubs with Lacy and Matt. No I did NOT
drink or smoke or do anything bad . The people at the clubs
thought I was like 20 ! Probably cause they were all
stoned !
We had an amazing brunch at the Naval Academy and then we
drove home !!!!! The drive home was so
loooooonnnnnnnggggg!!!! OMG , I slept most of the way cause
I got like no sleep the past 3 days !!!!!! But its all
I got up and went to first hour, nice and early !!! :( !
ick! I wore my Navy sweatshirt to school ! Haha I was
comfortable and everyone else was all wearing heals and try
to look nice ! hehe! Everyone told me how much they missed
me !!! :)! Like my guys ( haha inside joke , Hui, David,
Patter Wack, Tyler and Grant ) in gym class were all like
" where were you ??? Gym class sucked when you were gone !
It was so boring ! " haha ! I felt so loved ! hehe ! they
are so funny though we just sit there and goof off the
whole time !!!!! I have so much homework , so I gotta
bounce !
P.S I will write the quote later!