My Life
2001-10-29 21:02:49 (UTC)


ugh! guys friggin suck so bad i hate them all! k so, steves
in my english class this year and honestly, i luv him to
death, he's so nice and funny and CUTE AS HELL! but i was
just talking to him and he's all like oh erin doesnt like
me im so ugly no girls will like me everyone feel sorry for
me, and i was just like oh my god steve you are a great
guy, im sure you'll find a great girl, etc etc etc, but
like honestly i cant deal with that cuz i just want to be
like YOU KNOW WHAT I LIKE YOU OK?! ugh! he'd probably just
be like oh you're just saying that no girl could ever like
me...UGH!he pisses me off so much sometimes, but i still
luv him! jen thinks hes being dumb too!i still like him so
much though it's not that easy to just like forget about
him, even though i'm tell him to do that with erin...UGH!
and brad well im so mad @ him right now he's beign such an
asshole...and honestly, mike is the cutest thing ever, i
luv him to death, it scares me when he stares at me though,
but it makes me feel good too...=)
anyways gotta jet