Forgotten Misery
2001-10-29 20:58:44 (UTC)

The day that went by very slow

Ok today was a monday and it went by so incredivbly slow.
I never thought I would get out of school to find out what
kind of car my dad bought which I still need to go see if
Im right like always and he probaly got ripped off and if
he didnt I will laugh my ass off. We have aol 7.0 and its
purtty cool it has a radio setting that actually works and
it plays music I like its a very nice change! K brb hm I
think my dad did ok as long as its not a freakin wagon one
those things are uguly as hell otherwise its a nice lookin
Ok besides the fact it was a monday it was kinda hard on
me to see my sis and one of my other friends go through a
break up after being together for 9 months its so sad hes
doing ok but my sis is still very muchly in love with him
and i have no clue how he feels he doesnt show he misses
her one bit its hurtful it brings back all the memories of
the pain i have felt in the past and things my sis says
brings flashbacks to me and I cant stand them anymore. Y
must the past always haunt u no matter how fast u run away
from it. i had stoped running because the past i left far
behind but now my sis is bringing back memories and I would
do anything to make her happy again no one is supposed to
ever feel the pain I did I mean I kinda thought those 2
would get married someday. The x kruer actually did get
the message to back the fuck away from its nice he leaves
me alone now bout time.yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Geoff baby I guess I forgive you for being an ass the
other night u best be lucky I didnt leave u just right then
and there but I love u 2 much to do that. Well im out

Love always,