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2001-03-16 00:00:48 (UTC)

I have absolutely no work ethic..

I have absolutely no work ethic whatsoever. Today I
got reprimanded by my boss for slacking on the job. That
really sucked! See, all I really want to do is stay home
and be a housewife. That is my life ambition, even after 4
years of college. My Sociology degree is useless anyway
(college students take note). If you major in anything
like this, you are probably really screwed!
But we are getting by okay, thanks to my husband James
working as a retail manager (making a whopping 30K a
year). Now his store is closing, and he needs to find
work. He has a couple weeks. Nothing yet. A finance
degree doesn't get you too far either. Major in computers,
get a job sitting on your arse, and rake in the big bucks
Right now I'm really feeling like a loser. What am I
going to do? My position as a job coach for the
developmentally disabled (mentallly retared) is okay, but
pays only $8/hr. I help a girl do a mail route at State
Farm, and help another girl do cleaning at a day spa.
I was supposed to get a job offer, or not, this past
Tuesday from a company that does computer consulting. But
they never called either way, yet. I would be a sales
account manager and it pays probably about 45K a year plus
commission. I could get a job like this, because I have
good interpersonal skills and office skills, but I'm scared
to death to take the job, because like I said, I have no
work ethic (but they don't know that). It's a hard job,
and I don't want to work all that hard. My heart is at
home. So if I don't get this job, I am considering in home
day care. Watch kids and rake in the big bucks! (Yeah
right) :)