Alisha's Journal
2001-10-29 20:50:23 (UTC)

Bad day

Oh.My. today was the worst day of my life. First, i went to
school this morning, in the best mood possible, then, it
suddenly took a flop, i had forgotten to do my occ. ed.
project. Now, normally, this wouldnt really bug me BUT this
is my favorite class and i really work hard to keep it in
the ninetys, and a zero in the book isnt gonna really help
much. Then, the day went on and i realized that i had
forgotten to do some homework(didnt bother me much). Now,
the thing that really hit me, for some god only knows why
reason, was my friend gave me chocolate, and i put it in my
pocket forgetting about it, and chocolate leaked all over
my pants...bad. day. now, the day isnt over yet, and i
REALLY hope that there isnt anymore horror to this day.
Besides all of that, i was gonna have a great day...i
think. heehee, but its too late for that. Hey, if anyone is
reading this, you know how they have classic oldies then
the regular oldies, and right nows music is the
present...playing on the radio? well, when the present
music becomes oldies, and the oldies become the classics,
now, what do the classic oldies become? or do they not
become anything, and, like, just disappear? okay, sorry,
but gotta go!