I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-10-29 20:38:04 (UTC)

Boatshow and etc.

I'm home! I love to travel and explore new places, but it's
such a nice feeling to have a home to come back to,
someplace that is so familiar that you know your way around
in the dark, where you know which floorboard to avoid
because it squeaks. Stuff like that. Okay, well, I went to
the boatshow, and had an awesome time! It rocked! However,
sadly, I did not meet the man of my dreams. But it's okay.
I'm fine with that. I hung out with my dad, and met all the
people that he knew, and had an all around, rip roaring,
excellent time. On wednesday, we went on a boat test, and
that was fun! I love boating. We did hit a squall on the
way in, but I was exausted and napping below. Then
Wednesday night I went to the Hatteras cocktail party and
had drinks and hors d'oerves. It was a mardi gras theme,
and very fun. I did meet a grad student from FAU majoring
in exercise therapy. He was very hot, and his name was
Robert. Too skinny, but very easy on the eyes. Other than
that, I didn't meet too many people my age or around there.
It's still quite a white mans world there. Boats cost as
much as a house, if not more. Wow. But there were gorgeous
yachts. Huge! Some had their own helicopter landing pad,
others carried their own sportfishing boats on deck...all I
can say is wow. Very awesome.

We stayed in an okay hotel, it smelled funny and was
decorated in the typical Florida colors, seafoam green and
peach. But it was comfortable, and the view was of the
ocean and not a brick wall. Plus it was near the show, so
we didn't have to walk too far. We must have walked close
to a hundred miles this week, from walking the show to a
lot of walking in Tallahassee at the game (more on that in
a moment). Well, if you have any questions about the show,
go ahead and ask, but I can't think of anything else to
tell you.

We came back home on Friday and then left for Tally on
Saturday morning to see my sis. She's fine, and we went to
the game. We won, but had to work for it. The left half of
my face is sunburned and the right side is fine. I look
like a freak. Oh, I also have a cold and am doped up on
cold medicine, but other than that, I had a great week, and
charged up my batteries, so I'm going to hit the ground
running and find myself a job. Wish me luck!