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2001-03-15 23:56:28 (UTC)

Today went really quite nicely...

Today went really quite nicely.

We had a type of picnic in French class today, where we had
to bring breakfast food and talk about it to the teacher. It
was ridiculous, but fun...the only problem was that the
maple syrup bottle exploded and now the whole classroom
smells like Aunt Jemima. We even had toothpicks.

E still likes me, I "think". He fell on the floor to rescue
my water bottle. But that might be because he is such a
clown. Right now I'm interested in another guy, LA. He's
taller and not so bony. In fact, he's kind of plump, but in
a pleasantly musclely way. He has large, beautiful dark eyes
and a nice smile. I've always thought he was funny and

The only crummy part of the day was towards the end. S,
this nerdy loser who stayed back, has this huge crush on me
and I ended up sitting next to him while we watched
"Gladiator". And he wouldn't leave me alone.

It kills me the way even the stupidest, ugliest scummy guys
on the planet think they're just the icing on the cake. I
gave him an extreme blow-off. I hope he gets the
message...but probably his i.q. isn't high enough to
understand it.

I feel kind of bad, though, on the other hand, because he
sees me all flirtatious and sweet all the time with E, Ch,
Jg, LA and JM...the smart, cute and nice guys of the class.
But I can't help it. I know when a person is a loser and not
just a nerd.

That doesn't mean I won't be civil, it's just that I don't
want to waste my time on someone who isn't fun.
I am not a bad person, what I am is confused about the whole
ordeal. I think it's natural that I want to be around
bright, positive people. I am basically a bright and
positive person myself.
If anybody has a problem with that, I'd be glad to hear
their argument...

It's FRIDAY tomorrow!!!