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2001-10-29 20:22:02 (UTC)

your scent

right in the crook of your neck
i smell you
so unmistakable
i sense the smell
and know you’re there
even when i don’t see you
for months
i can remember the scent
how it feels inside
when i breathe it in
how it feels
like home
like i can breathe you in
and keep you inside
in me
and hold you there
as long as i want
i miss the feeling
in myself
of you
and i wonder
if i have a smell
if you can breathe me in
and keep me
in you
if i have a scent
or if you think
i smell like cool water
or Abercrombie & fitch
or some fruit body wash
do i have a smell?
is there anything
about me
at all?
can you smell me
can you tell
when i walk into a room
do i come in
and you take in a breath
and smile
because you feel so peaceful
knowing i’m there
breathing me in
taking me in
to you
i miss
your scent
i miss
every time
i breathe
it feels like there’s something missing
i can’t feel you anymore