The Daily Babble
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2001-10-29 20:20:28 (UTC)

Argh, I hate fighting!

So after having a pretty good week, I get up Friday morning
to send the car for repairs and I got into a big fight with
my dad so I went to work pretty cranky. I had so much to
do, but my computer wasn't working so I had to sit around
for like 2 hours while Muhammed fixed it....Finally it was
working but it was lunch time so me and Nimra went to
John's Pizzeria to eat....During the time we were there,
Muhammed called and went off on Nimra about some stupid
error that she made and went on and on, so needless to say,
our lunch ended on a sour note.

Anyway, my dad called later to say the car was done so at
5:00, Nimra drove me to the garage...after getting lost,
only to realize that we were just there! But so she
followed me home after that and we hung out at my house for
a few hours. She had dinner [she hasn't eaten over in
years] and we chatted til about 10:30....

Saturday I just kept myself busy with all the work I had to
do...I was feeling sick again so my conversations with Jeff
weren't too great.

Sunday, I got into another fight with my dad and I just had
to get out of my house so I drove to Jeff's and he
comforted me until I went back home.

So all in all, it hasn't been the best of weekends. And I
have so much work to do, so this is just crazy. Argh.
Next weekend, we have a family dinner and on November 6th I
have exams and papers and stuff. ARGH!!!