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2001-10-29 20:13:22 (UTC)

body & soul

every single part of me
is wailing
i feel like my hands can talk
because they keep
anything they can –
trying to grab you
my tongue is trapped
in my mouth
just trying to cry out
my neck is withering
just waiting for your touch
my heart is atrophying
in my chest
a horrible empty ache
my eyes keep choking
on unwanted tears

my body always knew you
much better than my soul
i can only remember
that you loved me
by the way your fingers felt on me
how you would physically
reach out and grab me
but your soul never did
your hands betrayed your mind
you never gave me anything
of yourself
you only gave me your body
i gave you everything

i keep wondering
how i could ever let you go
my body is screaming out for you
even though my soul misses nothing
my body keeps telling me
how good you were to me
and my soul just cries and cries and cries