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2001-10-29 20:11:32 (UTC)

untitled #6

please forgive me if i act a little strange for i know not
what i do feels like lightning running through my veins
every time i look at you. – david gray

every strand of my hair has nerve endings
i feel your fingers sliding through them
like your hands are mine
i can feel the blood through you
i can feel your pulse
every time you touch me
i close my eyes
and its like i fade into black
i fall into a different perception
my senses are diminished
everyone fades but you
curl my tendrils around your finger
let me lay my head on your shoulder
braid your fingers
through my hair
let our legs intertwine
let our arms run together like water
let our souls be no different than our bodies
let your skin intermingle with mine
let me breathe you in
let your fingers whisper
as they float through me
let an eyelash fall upon my finger
and let us not notice
let our souls beat on together
i breathe you in
i can feel you

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