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2001-10-29 20:10:45 (UTC)

untitled #4

the words flow through my head
like little bits of paper
a flute in the symphony
they just keep barreling
creating chaos
trying to escape
poetry runs through my head
concepts everywhere
and only a few can manifest
my mind is too fast for my hand
by the time i finish this line
my mind has exploded into a cloud
of beats and words and emotions
so each poem becomes
because i can’t make the thoughts
run together

and somehow when your mind explodes
it expands
i become a breeding ground
for ideas and concepts and plots and poetry
i take it all in like a sip of my coffee
experience as much as i can
because i don’t know how long this will last
this glorious synchronicity between give and take
read and write, talk and listen
o please let it last forever