Boring and Simple
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2001-10-29 20:09:47 (UTC)

rant II

I've skipped school today. I intentionally set my alarm
clock last night to wake me up 3 hours after the morning
school bell, allowing me to convince my mother to stay home
the rest of the day (she is so gullible if it doesn't mean
she has to do something or spend money). The strain has
just been wearing on me, and I have to catch up with all
the essays, short stories, test studying, homework, blah,
blah, blah, school stuff. Having all the mega-advanced
classes at school has really been tiresome as of late. At
least this day gives me time to catch up. I wish I had
done so over the weekend, but weekends have never been good
to me. I'm still in the "two jobs" mode from before I had
quite my second job two weeks ago. Fridays after school I
had worked 7 hours, then Saturdays, I had to get to my
second job at 8 A.M., putting in 7 hours during the day.
Then a half-hours bike ride home (sh/tload of uphill
trekkin'), half hours rest in bed, then work 6 hours at
Pizza Hut. Sundays I felt shitty at my second job having
to put 8 hours during the middle of day.
I quit my second job, not because it took up time I should
be using for homework, but because I despised the place and
I despised the half-hour bike ride uphill both ways (up one
hill, down another, up one hill, down another, etc, etc.).
But since I need the money, I put in an application at
Burger King two weeks. Since their head guy's on vacation,
it might be a little while longer before they hire me.
My life is pathetic. I wish I could hang out with
friends. The guys I know at school, while I call them
friends, are just simply acquaintences I've known for
years. They never seek me out when doing stuff
afterschool. If I'm with them, they'll let me join. But
they never readily seek me out. They never call me. They
readily seek each other out, and they readily call each
other, but never me. The only contact I have outside
family, school, and work is my sister's pathetic
degradading friends when they come over when my mom's at
work. Some of them are the basic pot-smoking, screw
society, running from the cops, b/tchslap anyone in the
way, kind of people. None of them seem to have any respect
for other people. I saw my sister hang out with this one
girl, the next day, that girl's my sister's mortal enemy,
and has been expelled from the group. My neighbor, part of
the group, hooks up with another one of my sister's
friends, a more quiet, less rowdy type. A week later, he
breaks up with her because he wasn't "gettin' any." Yet
it's how they live, and I can't kick them out when they're
here, since they'll just come back with a vengeance when
I'm at work, and I worry of the stuff that I own that's
sacred to me (namely, guitar and the spare cash I have).

Well, later on, I've got to go downtown and buy a whip.
It's for my halloween costume. I'm going to a Mexican
bandit. What I have so far is:
-a sombrero. It's a straw sombrero, and not like the big
foam one I used to have. SOme kid tricked me into letting
him borrow it for a day when I was younger, and I never saw
it again.
-a poncho. I swiped it from the school's prop room last
year when I was cleaning up down there with my friends
(most of us were on the Stage Crew, since it was basically
a load of crock)
-an eye mask. It was a kitty mask until I ripped off the
whiskers, since I'm too lazy to find a different one.
-a fake bone. They won't let fake swords in school :P and
I just need something to hit people with.

Well, time to end my endless rant......................