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2001-10-29 20:08:39 (UTC)

o give me peace

i’m tired of having the same friends
making the same jokes
doing the same things
hearing the same songs
watching the same movies
i’m sick of the sameness
i wish i could float up into the clouds, pop like a helium
balloon, and fall back
i wish people could understand
all of this loses something
the second time around
the four longest years of my life
the five longest weeks of my life
i remember this feeling
that you instill
why i had to get away
you provide this glimpse
of a better world
you make life here unbearable
the same monotony
same cigarettes, same coffee
welcome to winsteads
same people
with the same bad make-up
all these people
hiding their true faces
to blend better with the crowd
god i hate make-up
so let me go
stop chaining me to this reality
this purgatory
hearing the same fucking voices
o let me go
free me
make my friends good again
make my life fun again
make it a bearable hell
give me the slightest bit of something
to make me feel
like my life is lived for me
how do you live for yourself
and not just livings sake
don’t let me always be looking around the room
for someone better to talk to
fumbling through my CDs
for a better song
facing the east
hoping for something better
o make sense of me night
and give me peace

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