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2001-10-29 20:07:22 (UTC)

last night

last night
after you fell asleep
i leaned on my side
i leaned over you
my fingers gently nudged the wisps of hair
off of your face
i run my fingertips
over your face
and feel each bone, each pore, each hair
i feel each crease in your lips
i memorize every part of you
as i lay my fingers on the pillow
and let them blow against your ear
i hear your sigh
the corners of your lips turn up
and you turn to face me
lids still sleeping on your eyes
i run my finger down the length of your nose
and your eyes slowly wake
my hands float over your face
gently caressing your eyebrows and temples
you open your mouth to utter
and i lay my finger on your paused lips to stifle it
i say
and lying in this candelit heaven
this open palace
i feel my soul slide out of myself
and lie like a blanket over us
and we are warm here