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2001-10-29 20:03:58 (UTC)

addiction & withdrawal

you stay in my system for days
and i can’t wash you out
they can see you in my hair
they can detect you in my blood
you leave a permanent deposit in me
every time i talk to you
it throws my world into chaos
for the first few days my brain can’t function
i can’t dilute your influence
as the time passes, i water you down
after a few weeks i reach the breaking point
the addiction in me starts to tick
wanting the next hit
so i break down and come to you
and its never as good as i thought it would be
but it is
this vicious cycle of addiction & withdrawal
this visceral cycle
i lose my resolution
i can never be washed clean
i can’t quit you
our relationship is so good and bad
there is no neutrality
fits of ecstasy and grief
but i can’t quit you
because you’re the only real thing i’ve got
you’re visceral
you graze my soul
so i am stuck, bound
in this cycle of addiction and withdrawal

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