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2001-10-29 20:03:05 (UTC)

untitled #7

your whole world opens up to me
i fall into the musky shadows
the music softly plays
as i trek through this jungle
all the colors smear together
i float on the soil
my skirt becomes the ground
all of my pores open and gape
a branch brushes my arm
a snake grazes my ankle
leaves its residue in my skin
i lie in the plains amongst the tigers
everything is so beautiful it overwhelms my soul
i think my heart is starting to slow
my pupils dilate
every part of me opens to receive this
and i feel like my pulse will never beat outside of here
i am overcome with ecstasy
i can feel the dew on my skin and in my hair
i feel like i dove into a fog
whose suffocation keeps me alive
i can feel your arms on me
holding me steady
and i won’t struggle
if you won’t falter
oh please let me stay here forever
let me always return
every part of me is crying out to hold this place
to keep you inside forever
but i know that i can’t
so i just smile and turn away
my soul whispering to return