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2001-10-29 19:56:50 (UTC)

great conversations

i sit alone in the room
and think about all the great conversations we could have
the you in the equation
keeps changing
and as i think of all the great things i could say
i see the bored look in your eyes
that dead look in your eyes
where this isnt a real conversation to you
and its useless
we don’t have what we need
to sit together in total ecstasy
just by each others company
and that you doesn’t exist
there is no we
there is only me
at the end of everything
i realize that i’m sitting here
in my room
having this conversation with myself
knowing i’m the only one who understands
i’m the only one who won’t be bored
i’m the only one who goes through emotional crises for a
or i’m the only one who cares
that whichever you
you turn out to be
its not going to matter to you
what i have to say
and so i have to sit here
in my room
and think about great conversations