Dirty Fractyl
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2001-10-29 19:31:40 (UTC)

My Boredom Has Outshown the Sun

Yeah, I am quite bored. I have to wait around until 4:50
for Joey to get out of lab before I can go home. More than
anything, I want to talk to my sweet little girl right now,
but she is no where to be found. I wish I had brought my
book to read, but I thought the computer would entertain me.
One can only post so much. It is boring now.

I fielded some questions out of my yahoo expert box about
basketball. I have a good rating. I rock peoples' worlds
with my in depth analysis. I know everything about every
player. I have watched the NBA since I was 7. Beotch!

I slept in this library earlier this morning. It made me
feel like a bum, a feeling I enjoyed. I just layed on the
couch in the library and slept like a baby for about an
hour. I am surprised no one stole my stuff, or came and
pissed on me, or something like that.

I think I did well on my O-Chem test this morning. Maybe I
won't fail that class. My grades are going to be horrible,
but I deserve it. All I ever do is write poetry, draw
pictures, and waste time doing other things that I want to
do. I never study. I am not cut out for this shit. I have
no idea how I have a 3.3 right now. I really don't. With
the amount of effort I put forth, if you saw me, you would
expect me to have something hovering around a 2.0. I guess
I am just a badass. What can I say?

I need to go apply for the learning specialist job at BCC.
I am going to tutor people in everything. And then, after
they fail, they will come back and blame me for it.