Bella Devotchka

Bella's Book
2001-10-29 19:21:34 (UTC)

this is getting ridiculous...

okay...people are stupid. just in general. all of them. i
am a white suburban girl. pretty lucky, i suppose, because
i dont' have very many prejudices against me, except, i
guess for being a girl, but that has never really been a
problem for me...anyways...i have a very good friend named
Muhamad. As you can tell he is middle Eastern. From Syria
to be exact. well, his brother just got beat up and
hospitalized because of the september 11 tragedy. Do people
not realize that the Arabic-American community is hurting
just as bad as the rest of us? Do they think there were no
innocent Arabics in the WTC? Well, there were. And their
family and friends are hurting just as bad as us whites,
blacks, and other races. it kills me to see such ignorance
and hate at a time where there should be love and support.
I am sure people are getting sick of hearing all those
commercials targeted at getting rid of the hate crime, and
whatnot, but it is supid instances like this that make
companies keep playing them. I know people will be people,
but it is just such a dissapointment of the human race to
see such hate at a time like this.