Mystic Haven
2001-10-29 19:12:51 (UTC)


jesus, i'm not keeping up with this journal at all. sarah
writes in hers ALL OF THE TIME... :( what's it with me? i
dont make enough time or something. it's like i forget
about it. i don't know. well, it's monday, and you know the
ways MONDAYS are.. :( they suck bad enuf, without even
being TOTALLY fucked up and ignored. i hate it. i wish
people would just blow up except for the people i'm close
in science today, me & sarah talked about what we'd do if
one of us died. wasn't such a happy subject as we both got
severely sad talking about it. :( not such a good thing to
talk about, cuz i know if she died....i'd go insane!!!
well, more than i am now...insanity rules my life. maybe
i'll go on someday and have a so-called life...but right
now, depression is my state. just like a "SOLID" is a state
of matter, u know? well....depression is mine!
anyways, enuf about that. that was just plain fucked up &
stupid. sorry for the language, but i like using words,
which are portrayed to be "cruel"...yeh, FUCK THAT!! heh. :D
halloween is in 2 days.. :D yay, i cant wait. i'm going
to sarah's house after school & we're planning on doing
something quite spook-tacular... lmao!! we're thinking
about like going to a big, cool, creepy graveyard where
there's big trees hanging over..and just sit & talk. :D
awww..it's gonna be so fun. heh!! i cant wait.
..there's not much going on in school, except that i have
tons of fucking work to do tonight, and i have to get my
haircut in 15 minutes, and i should get ready.. heh! but oh
well, if i'm late, what are they gonna do? i wont be that
late though cuz i dont live that far away!! :) math class
was quite fun today, you know?! i actually had some fun for
once in one of my classes without being extremley bored.. :
( sarah's not in any of my classes though, excpet my
biolgoy/chemistry/geography classes & when i dont have a
class with her, i miss her. she is a goddess. she's so
cool. i love her!! even though we aren't going out, we're
extremly close and she has a boyfriend and all, so it's no
big deal.

..well, i have to go get my haircut but something majorly
happened lastnight cuz my friend CYNTHIA (the BITCH that
she is) told me off, so i'll give u the details and stuff
on that.

laters! :)

10.29.2001 - 3:37pm