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2001-10-29 18:23:55 (UTC)


I was up early to fix John's breakfast so I decided to go
grocery shopping at Safeway in Junction City. I had made a
very detailed list with items I would have forgotten if I
hadn't written them down, like salt and cherry extract so
the shopping went quickly. I was home again, with the
groceries unpacked and put away, by 9 a.m. I decorated the
cupcakes I'd baked yesterday and made a pot of chicken
noodle soup.

Owen decided he might as well leave early so we left for
Corvallis around noon. I brought him to Goodwill where he
picked out what he needed--an ice cube tray, a skillet, a
spatula, some silverware as well as a pair of jeans. I
didn't go the library; I'd checked the library webpage
before I left and there were no reserved books waiting for

I took a brief nap in the afternoon. Jessica came over to
see Gavin. Gavin made her dinner of linguini with clam
sauce. John, Hugh, and I had hamburger patties, fried
potatoes, and salad. Jessica and Gavin watched a DVD and
John and I watched a bit of television and turned in early.

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