My Life.............
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2001-10-29 18:06:48 (UTC)

im sitting here waiting for..

im sitting here waiting for Jeff to come on, ive been here
since like 9 something, its now almost 1, *sigh* maybe he
isnt comming on anymore.LOL who knows...:(
I have to go up and babysit today, H.s friend is supposed
to come at 5, we will see, H. knows i hate babysitting,
but, yet, she continues to ask me, although she hasnt asked
me for awhile....
im waiting for the mail to come, i hope i get a letter
from Cory today, that would make the day just wonderful!:)
hes such a cutie! :)
I walked into town with E. lastnight, she was supposed to
go over and get this guy she likes, she wanted him to go up
to H.'s, so i walked with her, and we got where we had to
cross the road to go over to his house and she chickens
out, then shes like will you go? i was like yea! so i
walked into the middle of the road on my way over to go to
his house and shes like "OSH, NOOO!" i was like what?
standing in the middle of the freakin road.LOL what a wimp,
she didnt go to his house.LOL then we went to minut mart,
first of all shes not allowed in there, she went in anyway,
she was talking to Tiff. i guess someone told E. that Tiff.
was going to beat her up, Tiff. was like "nooo"... man, to
be a teenager again! no thanks! Gosh.LOL im glad my teenage
years are long gone.LOL