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2001-10-29 17:42:16 (UTC)

no life

i have no life, no job, no friends..... all i have outta
life is my family, school, and a so called "dating on
occation guy". I lost almost all of my friends- one way or
another. I've been in and out of depression, not many
people realize when i get depressed- but i know when i am.
I have nothing to do, i like to be busy- stay active. I had
so many friends a few months ago- before i left for
college, now that i am back- i have ZIP!!!!! ERRRR- like i
said before i need a new begining. The internet is my only
outside communication right now. What has happened to me?!
I would get out more- but i dont have a job(YET!)- However-
i did enroll into another school- only temproary-I will be
damned if i stay in Greenville tech- or in south carolina
for that matter- i wanted move back to maryland. I have to
get out. Anyways my parents said that when we move i can
have a pet dog- a german shepard- WHAT IVE ALWAYS WANTED!!!
YIPY! okies, I use to talk to my friends online- the few i
managed to stay in touch with- okies i admit- i use to be
part of the in crowd- longlonglong ago- but then i decided
that wasnt who i was- then i moved to the outcasts in hs, i
had friends who were gothics, but that wasnt me. I also
associated with the techies and the artists. At heart i am
an artist- but my mind is devoted to technology. HEHEE- i
don't fit in anywhere, you can search the earth high and
low- and you will never find another girl like me- never. I
am an indivual who like is very confusing. I make my life
more complex then it really is..yup thats me. I love disney
movies by the way, Dragonball z, comic books, and video
games- i have a playstation, an old sega, an N64, and a
super nintendo. I love final fantsy, and i collect cards-
and coins. I also like bowling golf and rollerblading
&iceskating- (although i fall alot and arent very good at
either of them). i also like alittle basketball and soccor
and kites! Oh yeah!!!! I LOVE KITES!! hhehehee, okies so i
am a kid inside a newly legal teen's body. I turned 18 a
few months ago- it will be a while before i turn 19- i dont
really want to though -i want to stay this age forever- im
having more fun - although rather dull at the moment- but i
have more freedom then ever! I have learned and grown up so
much in the past few months though. I need to find my
glitch. I also need to find a comapatable soul mate.- i
doubt that will ever happen. I really love chris, - i dont
know whats wrong, maybe my feeligns for him have really