No Use For A Diary
2001-10-29 17:11:29 (UTC)


I'm tired. It's 9:08 am. I stayed out with Brendan until about 1:30. I had to stay out of the house because my roommates were kicking me out. It was their anniversary. It's not as mean as it sounds. I completely understand. Plus, Heather's making me a cake so I can't be mad at her for kicking me out. Oh yeah, now it really is my birthday. My grandma called at 8. She woke me up. But only enough to turn off the ringer on my phone. I just checked the message a few minutes ago. It's so funny. She can't really speak english that well...
I have to go to class today at 10:30 and work at 5:30. I get off at 9:30 and hopefully then, we'll get down to the partying. Not that kinda partying. No more alcohol for me, thanks. Since the night I drank way too much, took way too much advil, and cut myself all up, i haven't been a big drinker. Basically, I was pissed about Zack. I didn't know how to deal with him, or what happened...or whatever. See, he emailed me that day and invited me over to his house. Of course I said no. It's not like I can just forgive and forget. I told him that, too. Then I found out that this girl who was emailing me about him was actually dating him! It sucked learning how disposable I was. So I was just thinking about how worthless he thinks I am and how I'm never going to find anyone who wants me...and how it's not fair that he gets to be so happy and he gets whatever he wants and I'm miserable because of how mean he was to me. But yeah, I'm getting over it...slowly.
I hate flies. They wake me up by landing on my nose. Bastards!
But yeah, I have to go get ready to go to class and hopefully get my midterm back.

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