Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
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2001-10-29 14:55:34 (UTC)

Very Rough sad Night!!!

Late Sunday night my mom had to go to the hospital.My aunt
Kathy was really sick and her blood pressure was jumping.My
maw didnt want me to go to the hospital with her.She said
shed be too emotional and upset.Aunt Kathy had AIDS and she
used a lot of illegal drugs.She passed away at 10 O'clock.I
tell myself it was better for her to not be hurting like
that anymore.She lived 10 years with AIDS with no treatment
besides hospital care when she was in too much pain.She
hated hospitals and avoided them until my aunt Barb made her
My aunt Kathy has 3 boys.Theyre all in jail so they wont
even be allowed to attend the funeral.My cousin Mike must be
taking it the hardest.Durring one of the last times he saw
her he stole her cigarettes and money at the hospital.I can
understand him some on that.He learned to live by stealing
and nobody ever expects their mom to die.I cant emagine his
guilt now.Its bad enough to be without your parents,let
alone feeling unworthey of them once theyre gone.My cousin
Joey is very emotional.All he ever wanted was to live a
normal life.The one nobody has where mom bakes cookies for
the PTA,and stuff without breaking a sweat.My cousin Eddie
is the strong tough middle brother.Hes the one that curses
out the house and comes back saying he didnt mean it in one
quick breath.I emagine he feels so sad but hed never admit
it.My aunt Kathy's fourth son and husband both hanged
themselves.I hope nobody mentions them to my family because
it wouldnt be kind to bring up having a third person in
heaven at this time.
Everyone in my family always said how hard aunt Kathy's
kids had to live and how her boys used people.Well now
theyre all talking about how kind and great she was.I never
say anything bad or good about her.Why do we have to die
before people notice we werent that bad?I can tell you that
my cousins stole things and did drugs because thats how
things go around here.
I remember my aunt by one thing.She didnt like to walk
because she had a limp but she showed her gapped smile with
pride.I remember her voice talking of whatever usually
ending with a distinct laugh and that smile.The way her
cheeks wrinkled back and her lips thinned out,Ill never
forget it.Perhaps one day my aunt Barb will hear a joke and
she'll be able to remember aunt Kathy's smile.
~~~~To make you happier~~~~
Now that Ive talked about a sad time,heres something to
cheer up:
Watch our American leaders sing about Bin Ladin and Taliban
as they chase him with bombs through a terrorist camp,some
caves,and directly on him.Very fun!

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