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2001-10-29 14:32:20 (UTC)

Back to normal

Oooh, after a relaxing, chilled, and I wish I could say
detoxificating, weekend, again I join the throng of 9-5'ers
sweating away to earn an honest days pay for an honest days
work... Unfortunately i don't seem to be able to stop
myself earning a little bit extra than what you can get for
an honest days work, but hey, no-ones perfect (except for
me sometimes).

Had a full on get a bit of culture in your ass Friday
nite. A play entitled an Atheist Tragedy, which hasn't
been performed since Jacobean times, around the 14th
century. Excellent production, but 3 hours long, still
darn good performance.

Wait up, this is making me sound a bit geeky, so let me
alleviate that, by telling you that I rocked out on
Saturday nite. By saying rocked out, I actually mean went
to a few funky bars, engaging mon amis in banter banter
banter. I'm still sounding boring, so let me escape by
saying that I'm meeting Paul tonite, who's just got back
from Corsica, and is frickin off to Tigne in the Alps
tomorrow, nice bloke, makes me jealous of his laid back,
snow bum attitude. But you gotta love the fellow.

Bored, in work harsh

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