2001-10-29 14:10:35 (UTC)

Wonderful Weekend with Honey-Bear and I am Tired Now!

Dear Diary:
I had a wonderful weekend with my honey-bear and
we had a wonderful time.

He picked me and then we tried to go out and have our pictures taken but the Walmart in Ottawa, IL
did not have a photo studio, so I guess we will
have to go to JC Penneys or Sears, or I will bring
him here in we will go out to Niles, IL in have
our pictures taken.

He can take the metra train into Chicago and I will
meet him at Union Station. It will only cost him
$15.00 all together between the round trip ticket
and bus fare.

I think I will convince him to come here and we
will get us a room out here at Days Inn out at
Niles for a weekend. It may cost me something
but I do not care.

I will not see my honey-bear until the weekend
of November 16 now. That is the weekend of his

My honeybear is some lover. That is all I will
say about that. He has a cute little home in
Streator, Illinois and it has potential.
His neighborhood is not bad, but there is always going to be some jerks living around you that
do not know how to live like civilized human beings and in peace with one another.

I have to rest the next few days, I am so run down.
Do not worry about me Honey-Bear.
I will be ok after I rest up.

Thursday is a Holy Day of Obligation for me.
It is All Saints Day, not to mention Pay Day.
I have to start paying bills once again.

I helped Honeybear with registering with two new back up email addresses and showed him how to
use e-greetings and all.

One day, I feel Honey and I will be together.
I feel this deep down in my soul. We need to be
patient. Wait on the Lord to guide us.

Love, AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne